2019 New Year Resolutions by Female Travel Bloggers

With a new year comes a new opportunity to reflect on the past year. This includes the highs and lows, what we did and what could have been done better. But a bigger part of the new year reflection is what we want to get out of the brand-new year. This year I have got some of my friends from blogging fraternity to make some travel resolutions with me and we would try our best to fulfill them by the end of this year.

New Year, New Resolutions!

Anwesha Guha from Going Places with Anwesha
Anwesha Guha from Going Places with Anwesha
  • Choose a Healthy Lifestyle

New years are all about bringing positive changes in life and one such change that I need to embrace in 2019 is to lead a healthy lifestyle. With a healthy lifestyle, I mean to make healthy choices, do more exercises, try to be less stressed, try to be fit and avoid junk food as much as possible(I know, it requires a lot of discipline but I want to give it my 100%).

  • Be Consistent

I constantly fear that I am not able to give much attention to my blog, which I started so passionately and somehow need to make up for it. So, my another new year resolution that I want to keep up is to be more consistent on my blog. With a demanding day job, I need to give more time to my writing and hone my blogging skills. And of course, travel more to share my experiences with all you guys.

-Anwesha from Going Places with Anwesha

Madhurima from Orange Wayfarer
Madhurima from Orange Wayfarer

A new year gives you a chance to look back, officially end a chapter of life and take control or the life’s wheel, steer it towards writing another story. Hardly a soul lives to not make a wish, a positive change for the new life that promises to entail a productive change to make things better. I am no different. I want my new year 2019 to be all about motivation, positivity, and mindfulness. I wish to go minimal this year. I will only spend on owning things that I direly need and invest the money for a secured future and more travel experiences instead.

  • Be Minimalist

The fact that I am leaving my job and going into full-time travel blogging in instrumental in many parts. I do not have room for the handmade photo frame or dainty earring in my suitcase anymore, but I can surely make do with a few more passport stamps! Going minimal means I stop buying fast fashion trends, instead, try for more DIY products, leave apart with habits of wishful splurges, be more sustainable in lifestyle choices and hopefully make an impact on the environment. I choose to be mindful in every decision and not be hasty.

Madhurima from Orange Wayfarer

Paige from Piece of Pie
Paige from Piece of Pie

For 2018 I set the challenge to do more solo travel, more travel without my kids and also write more about those adventures. When it comes to 2019, I plan to continue on those goals and add more challenges.

  • Be Local

I love international travel. The sights and sounds so different from my day-to-day always intrigue me, not to mention the history of each location. I will always remember the sense of awe that struck me the first time I saw the Eiffel tower, ate squid ink pasta in Venice or climbed the ruins of Chichen Itza. This past year I realized I have never explored what is available to me locally. From parks, restaurants, local food destinations and more there is a wealth of experiences waiting at my doorstep. In 2019 I will try to remember that not every trip requires a plane and explore like a local tourist.

  • Travel Responsibly

This challenge is highly influenced by my daughter. From waking up early to pick-up garbage on a beach or picking-up garbage on a walk or hike, she is always thinking of how to help the environment. In 2018 I saw first hand the effects of over-tourism, especially the effects on natural environments. Small changes make a huge difference. Whether it’s buying locally made crafts as souvenirs (rather than plastic items from airports) or taking my refillable bottle everywhere I will make more conscious choices. Moving forward, I will aim to remember that my travel has an impact.

-Paige from Piece of Pie

Anjali from Cheerful Trails
Anjali from Cheerful Trails

Every year I am trying to come up with some realistic and achievable resolutions. I fail miserably to keep up with some while sometimes I make them a part of me and my lifestyle. 2018 has gladly introduced me to the world of blogging that has really brought new hopes and goals in my life. My resolutions for 2019 revolves around my blog, traveling and self-care routine. I have a set of mini-goals that I am striving to attain this year:

  • While visiting new destinations, I am always looking for my comfort food other than trying something new or local food. This year I am really looking forward to trying out the authentic cuisines and local food while traveling.
  • Learn phrases or sentences in the local language before traveling to a new country. I would love to greet the local people in their language and I hopefully would understand what they might be talking about.
  • I will create a balance between enjoying traveling and looking at it as a work opportunity. I really believe in living and cherishing the moments. This is what makes great memories that we behold with ourselves after coming back from a trip.
  • Improve my writing and editing skills while consistently working on creating valuable content.
  • Include Yoga in my daily routine. I have been putting it off a lot since last year, so this is one thing I want to achieve for my self-care and well being.

– Anjali from Cheerful Trails

Sinjana from Backpack n Explore
Sinjana from Backpack n Explore

I am not too big on New Year Resolutions – not that I am against resolutions, but I like to make promises that I can keep, even if it is to myself. Having said that, this year, my resolution is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, a thing that has taken a backseat in my life ever since I have started blogging.

  • Choose a Healthy Lifestyle

With a full-time job in a dream company, it’s hard to make time for anything else, but I took up blogging out of sheer passion. Didn’t realize when it became a second job for me, a job that pays me nothing in money but rewards me with happiness. I can totally relate to Shahrukh khan’s dialogue in a popular commercial that comes on TV these days – “What is a passion? Passion is what makes work not feel like work”.

However, this year I need to claim back the time for my health which blogging has taken away from me. I promise to find some time to exercise the way I like. I hate the gym but I love to dance and I love treks. So I will include these in my daily routine. I am not going into the zone of cutting carbs from my food and stuff, because I know I will break them for sure. But simple things like drinking lemon water every morning or resume eating chicken salad at the office will go a long way in restoring my health.

– Sinjana from Backpack N Xplore

Made up your own New Year’s resolution?

If you haven’t made any resolutions yet, then you still have time. The earlier you set your resolutions, the more time you get to work on them. While setting your goals, be specific, don’t set huge goals that you will never be able to follow through with and try to limit the number of resolutions you set for yourself.

Tell a friend about them so they can help you keep on track. Sticking to your new year’s resolutions isn’t easy, but hey – if this year you couldn’t make it, you can always try again next year!

What do you think about our resolutions? If you have set any for yourself, tell us by commenting below!

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