BlogChatter Book Review – Here’s Why Your Train Journey Could Turn A Quirky Adventure

Reading books play a major role in our lives, not only does it enrich our minds but it also fills us with inspiration to do wonders. A good book is a great companion in your journeys and that’s why I wanted to pick up a few to read while traveling. Here’s Why Your Train Journey Could Turn A Quirky Adventure is an upcoming eBook that I chanced upon and wanted to do a quick review for my readers after finishing it.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Dr. Seuss

This review is a part of BlogChatter Book review program and I am hooked to these upcoming ebooks.

BlogChatter Book Review - Here’s Why Your Train Journey Could Turn A Quirky Adventure

About the book

Here’s why your train journey could turn a quirky adventure is a series of quirky Indian train journey stories by Kumar Parameswaran, an ex-marketing guy with a blog of his own: 20DegreesNorth. His motivation behind the book was to able to bring out a topic through his writing that his readers can easily connect with. He immensely believe in touching the lives of people in his own small ways, always trying to play a constructive role. The book provides an insight into some of the common events/incidents that usually occurs during the train journeys, drawing mostly from the author’s personal experiences of three decades of train journeys.


These short stories effortlessly conveys author’s various situations and mind-sets during his train journeys and bring the spot light back on a dry and serious topic, keeping readers engaged every bit, through the occasional mix of quips and humors in the narration. In all this years of my train journeys, I have landed a few times in similar situations like the author and some of these journeys have left great impressions on my heart. Without divulging the stories, I can easily say that I relate to most of them mentioned by the author.

At the end of the book, the author tries to voice many concerns that every common man has while traveling majorly via Indian trains. Even though, Indian Railways have come a long way from their earlier days but these concerns need to be addressed now more than ever. There is a much required need of reformation in the Indian Railways system to provide seamless facilities and a value for money.


I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, visualizing the scenarios in my mind placing myself in author’s shoes every step of the book. Although some amount of editing is required to weed out the blatant typos as well as a few grammatical errors, but for a first time book author, this book came out pretty good. This book has a universal appeal and you will enjoy it too. Having said that, this one is a good read and I recommend this book to everybody.

Kumar Parameswaran’s Here’s Why Your Train Journey Could Turn A Quirky Adventure can be downloaded for free here. Note, it’s a limited period offer.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

After reading this post, if you pick this book for a light read then don’t forget to share your thoughts about this book in the comments below. Stay tuned for more such quick reviews as I am hooked to all these books.

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