My Favorite International Recipes to try at Home

As we sit at home, self-isolating ourselves from the outside world, it feels like the future of traveling is uncertain right now. Although we can’t step out, it doesn’t mean we cannot continue to fuel our passion for travel.

You can certainly use this time indoors to learn a new language that you always admired, cook a new recipe that you never got around to, read the book that you love or simply binge-watch your favorite travel movies.

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Exploring the Food Streets of Fraser Town in Bangalore: Iftar Special

On this day when the entire city is rejoicing Eid-ul-Fitar with friends and family, I am sharing a few photos from my recent food walk on the fuming streets of Fraser Town in the form of a photo blog.

Fraser Town, for those who are not familiar with, is one of the hot spots in Bangalore, famous for its huge spread of Iftari food during the holy month of Ramzan. People from all around the city irrespective of their caste, will come here for some delicious food, great Suleimani chai and some good old adda. (Bengali’s version of a gathering to usually chit chat).

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When Hungry In Kolkata: Ten Tastiest Street Foods

Being a native to Kolkata, how can I not highlight the tasty and affordable street sacks that the City of Joy, has to offer. I have spent most of my childhood in Assam due to my dad’s transferable job but my month-long summer vacations were spent at my grandparent’s house in Kolkata.

Every other night, a guy on a mobile stall will roam in our neighborhood selling dosa, banging on his iron/steel ‘tawa’ letting us know of his arrival. I used to get all excited for having dosa as dinner.

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When Hungry in Pune: Ten Tastiest Treats

Travel and food go hand in hand. When traveling, food is not just about sustenance but its a big part of a place’s culture and heritage. India is the melting pot of different cultures and heritage, has a variety of delicacies to try while traveling. From roadside stalls to high-end restaurants, you can indulge in a variety of dishes – sweet, savory, spicy, etc.

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