Charcoal Foods Are Taking Over Bangalore

After the inception of the Charcoal food trend in the last few years, most chefs seem to be extensively using activated charcoal in their menus these days. If you have seen black burger buns, appam or ice cream and wondered what it is, then let me tell you, it’s just your everyday food that is pigmented due to the addition of activated charcoal powder.

Activated charcoal is nothing but a by-product of burning wood, coconut shells or bamboos. Its when activates when the organic matter is exposed to a high temperature and in the process turns black in color. It is quite different from consuming burnt or charred food. So, you are safe. Activated charcoal is used as a coloring agent to give an extra edge to your regular meal. Its imparts an earthy, slightly smoky taste to your food. Having said that, even though it removes toxins from the body, having too much of it is not good for the body.

Here are 7 places in the Silicon city where you can get your hands on to some delicious Activate Charcoal dishes.

Charcoal Samosa at The Open Box

Charcoal Samosa
Charcoal Samosa | Image by Zomato

The Open Box restaurant serves two versions of their unique Charcoal Samosa for the veg and nob-veg lovers. The dough of both the variants is made with activated charcoal while the filling differs. Potato Samosa is stuffed with spicy potatoes whereas the Keema Mattar Samosa is filled with flavourful keema and peas mashed together. This take on infusing Activated Charcoal with our desi Samosas will surely leave you speechless.

If you feel like it, order their Tob Mega Burger with Charcoal Bun just to complete your night with all black meal. This jumbo charcoal bun is filled with a double layer of grilled chicken patties, cheese, dressing with butt lot of yumminess.

9, 4th Floor, Halcyon Complex, St. Marks Road, Bangalore.

Black Dumplings at GYLT

Black dumplings
Black Dumplings } Image by Zomato

If you are a dumpling fan like me, I would suggest you visit GYLT to grab a bite of their steamed Charcoal dumplings with bell pepper and feta mousse. The soothing taste of this black dumplings will surely blow your mind. This is a unique upgrade to the regular dumplings we are used to and kind of reminds me of the Chocolate Momos of Wow Momos, only more gourmet.

For your sweet tooth, I suggest you try their Black Sesame Crème Brûlée. This is a deliciously decadent, creamy and rich dessert with a wonderful nutty flavor that will sweep you off your feet.

Survey 22 & 125, Byrathi Village, Opposite South Asia College, Hennur Main Road, Hennur, Bangalore.

Black Velvet Waffles at The Belgian Waffle Co.

Charcoal black velvet waffle filled with salted caramel and fresh bananas
Charcoal black velvet waffle filled with salted caramel and fresh bananas | Image by Zomato

The waffles are the next best thing and many places have added a touch of Charcoal flavor to their waffles. If you are craving some, then surely try the Belgian Waffle Co’s signature Charcoal black velvet waffle filled with salted caramel and fresh bananas along with a cup of cold coffee from their many outlets throughout Bangalore. The sweet lover in you can thank me later. You could also head out to the Waffle Stories and try their Black Waffle. Let me know, how you liked them in the comments.

1376, 5th Cross, 6th Main E Block AECS Layout, Brookefield, Bangalore.

Black Burgers at Rassasy by Barcelos

Black Bun Burger with juicy lamb patty
Black Bun Burger with juicy lamb patty

The Rassasy of SA based fast-food chain Barcelos serves Black burgers with a handcrafted organic black bun, a juicy patty of your choice along with some peri mayo, jalapeno, lettuce, and tomatoes. These bad boys can make you fall in love with them at the very first glance. These handcrafted gourmet burgers are served with potato skin fries, spicy mayo, and creamy corn and peas salad. The best thing about Rassasy is the variety of Peri-Peri sauces, that can add extra flavors to the dishes.

You can also try their Sliders Platter with four colored mini burgers stuffed with veg/chicken patty, salad, and peri mayo. Get a nice chilled beer to go with your meal!

22 & 23, Upper Ground Floor, Shantiniketan Whitefield Main Road, Hoodi, Whitefield, Bangalore.

Charcoal Lemonade at Enerjuvate Studio & Cafe

Charcoal Lemonade
Charcoal Lemonade | Image by Zomato

A refreshing detox drink that consists activated charcoal, lemon, and ginger with a hint of rosemary that will hit all the right notes of your taste bud. Mind it, its more on a sweeter side. Enerjuvate Studio & Cafe have another outlet in Bangalore other than the one in Koramangala. Alternatively, you can get your hands on some prepackaged Charcoal Lemonade by RAW Pressery brand.

82, 7th Main, 4th B Block, Near BDA Complex, Koramangala 4th Block, Bangalore.

Black Ice Cream at Tera Bites Ice Creams

Black Ice Cream
Black Ice Cream | Image by Zomato

Black ice creams were a rage at the start of this year. The Instagram famous black ice cream at the Tera Bites Ice Cream parlor looks beautiful and the flavors are refreshingly mild compared to how inky your lips and teeth will be after devouring a cone. Costing mere Rs 50, these cones are available only on the weekends as Tera Bites sell different flavors on different days of the week. You get to choose between having it on a cone or on a charcoal waffle.

127/4, KHB MIG Colony, Near Jyothi Nivas College, Koramangala 5th Block, Bangalore.

Charcoal Pizza at The Bier Library

Black activated charcoal pizza dubbed Pizza Nero
Pizza Nero | Image by Bangaloreepicure

Don’t go by the looks of it, this black activated charcoal pizza named Pizza Nero tastes awesome! Charcoal is the main ingredient here, the Pizza Nero is built on a thin activated charcoal crust and topped with cream cheese sauce and fresh chopped basil. The chefs Seemanta Baruah and Manjit Singh of the Bier Library have designed its menu as regional as well as eclectic. They serve some of the most unique 21-inch mega pizzas in the city!

To satisfy the sweet lover inside you, I will suggest you try their Serradura which is Portuguese sawdust pudding. This famous dessert of Macau shows a layered outlook with a simple combination of whipped cream and crumbled Marie biscuit.

14, Patel Narayana Reddy Layout, 80 Feet Main Road, Koramangala 6th Block, Bangalore.

Thanks to the city chefs, who are taking notice of this trend, experimenting with the ingredients and incorporating them extensively in their menus. After all, it makes for a fantastic Instagram post which has become a must-do for every foodie nowadays.

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Charcoal Foods Are Taking Over Bangalore
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