Falling in Love while Traveling: A Traveler’s Tale – Meet Yesha and Shobhit of Destinuts

I met Yesha in a Facebook group as I am passionate about meeting new bloggers in the travel blogging space and I immediately liked her. When I read her responses I could see the similarities between us. Inspiring other people to travel through my own travel and experiences is something that the two of us have in common! Read the answers to know more about Yesha and Shobhit who jointly runs the travel blog: Destinuts.

[1] Tell us a bit about yourself.

Yesha: Shobhit and I, we are two lovers, two backpackers, two shutterbugs, two foodies with a common dream – to travel the world.  It was a dream until we made it our life’s goal.  And the best part of it is that we do it together.

Travel introduced us, brought us closer, and made us fall in love with each other. And the rest, as they say, is history. We do love connecting with similar travelers and others who are looking for advice on where to go and what to do, or anything else for that matter.

The lovebirds in a glass igloo bar
The lovebirds in a glass igloo bar

[2] When and how did you become a traveler? What kind of traveler do you define yourself as?

Yesha: Individually both of us, have been traveling for years now & since the time we got to know each, we always met in different countries around the globe. We were in a long-distance relationship as Shobhit was in the States & I was in India.

Shobhit: I wouldn’t say we are backpackers – we prefer a mix of both budget & luxury depending on the places we go to.

[3] Tell us about your blog. What inspired you to start one?

Yesha: We started our blog in late 2018 even though we had been traveling since 2015. We felt it was best to document everything under one place so that 10 years down the line we would not just look at our old photos but also relive our trips through the blog. And of course, help others with some tips and information as we go through the journeys together.

Shobhit: We chose Destinuts as our blog name because we are crazy about travel & like to explore destinations in-depth to spend quite some time in each country or visit multiple times.

Yesha and Shobhit with Santa Claus in Lapland
Yesha and Shobhit with Santa Claus in Lapland

[4] Where did you both travel together for the very first time?

Yesha: We went on a Mediterranean cruise that kicked off in Spain. Shobhit surprised me by arriving a day early in Barcelona while I was already holidaying with my friends & that was the time he confessed that he has fallen for me.

[5] What do you love/don’t love about traveling? Your best travel advice?

Yesha: I personally do not like long flights or rather say flights in general. That’s the most boring part of travel for me. On the other hand, Shobhit just loves flights. He becomes a kid onboard enjoying all the entertainment, food, talking to fellow passengers, etc.

Shobhit: We absolutely love experiences and don’t think twice about spending on the same. I think our travel advice would be that don’t miss out on some of the best experiences a journey has to offer.

Yesha and Shobhit at the Xplor Fuego park
Yesha and Shobhit at the Xplor Fuego park

Yesha: For example, taking some aerial tours or trying something different that you fear or you haven’t thought of doing it in your life. Shobhit was afraid of Scuba Diving & never thought that he would do it until he found a girl(me) who is a certified diver.

[6] Travel essentials – 3 things you always carry on your trips.  

Yesha: If you read our ‘About us’ on Instagram, you would have read about the UMBRELLA. This is one thing I always like to carry irrespective of the season as it’s helpful in every way- rain, sun or to protect against strong winds. Apart from it, I always carry a bottle of sunscreen in my bag. I feel the most important thing to carry on a trip is a smiling face.

[7] How are you coping with the lock-down?

Shobhit: We are reliving our travel memories through trip photos & videos. In fact, we ended up seeing all our pictures from past trips going back 3-4 years which we won’t get time to rehash in the normal scenario. We probably might start going on road trips soon after phase 4 opens up as traveling in own vehicles is the safest bet right now.

Thanks, Guys!

You can keep up with Yesha and Shobit on their blog, Destinuts. I am sure you will enjoy their adventures!

Falling in Love while Traveling: A Traveler's Tale - Meet Yesha and Shobhit of Destinuts
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14 thoughts on “Falling in Love while Traveling: A Traveler’s Tale – Meet Yesha and Shobhit of Destinuts

  1. Sarah @ Last Minute Wanders Reply

    This is so cute! I was a solo traveller for a long time but now that I’ve found my partner in life and travel I couldn’t be happier! Couple travel is awesome 🙂

    1. Anwesha Guha Reply

      That’s so great. I totally agree with you, the couple traveling is awesome.

  2. Shay Reply

    This is a really sweet story! I also love the name Destinuts, probably because it reminds me of donuts haha. Great post!

    1. Anwesha Guha Reply

      Thank you! I am glad you liked it, Shay.

  3. Yesha Reply

    Thank you Anwesha for sharing our story here! Hope we stay connected and meet somewhere in this beautiful world:)

    1. Anwesha Guha Reply

      You are most welcome, Yesha!

  4. Audrey Reply

    Such a romantic story! thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. Anwesha Guha Reply

      I think so too. 🙂

  5. Supal Reply

    Love reading your story! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Brianna Reply

    This is so cute! Great interview. I totally agree about experiences being one of the most important parts of travel. That cave swimming looks really fun!

  7. Karen Reply

    Aren’t the people we meet in the travel blogging world so interesting? I’m glad you wrote about your new friends. It’s an inspiring post.

  8. Lerato Reply

    What a beautiful story! enjoyed reading this

  9. alison abbott Reply

    I love this story. Travel and romance are a perfect combination.

  10. Linnea@popoversandpassports.com Reply

    What a cute story! I also visited Santa in Lapland! I loved that picture!

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