How to Plan an All-Girls Trip in India

As they say, life is meant for great adventures and close friends. It’s every girl’s dream to go on a road trip with her girls’ squad leaving all her worries behind. But to plan an all-girls trip could be worrisome sometimes. So here are some tips that I followed when I planned my trip to Pune with my school friends. We flew into Pune individually and went on road trips to Lonavala and Mahabaleshwar together.

1. Decide a budget and stick to it.

Often we tend to go over our budget while spending during the trip. A wise thing will be to make note of all the expenditures and then reflect upon it at the end of each day. This will give you an idea of how much you have spent till now and save you some heartburns later.

2. Don’t cost cut on transportation, stay and food/water.

When it comes to transportation, hotel stay or food/water, it would be wise not to cut any corners. There are people who do budget traveling by couch-surfing or taking lifts but in India, we can pay some attention to this to avoid any regrets later. Eat food from places you think are clean because the last thing you need is to fall sick while traveling.

3. Stay in a good hotel. Check reviews to avoid any surprises/disappointments.

Checking hotel reviews and booking in advance is a good travel tip. Everybody nowadays read multiple hotel reviews to ensure you don’t have to stay in some crappy hotel/guest house as a last resort.

4. Decide the itinerary before you start your journey. Research your destination.

Shaniwar Wada, Pune
Visiting Shaniwar Wada in Pune

It has happened with me a couple of times that I went to someplace and it’s either closed or not working anymore. Research the destination before you go can save you some cab fare and time which you can put in some good use.

5. Travel during the day whenever possible.

This is not always applicable. If we are not sure about our destination/surroundings, we should travel during the day whenever we can. And we should carry pepper spray with us just for our safety.

6. Stay in touch with your family/friends.

At this age of technology, staying in touch with your family/friends back home is not a problem. But we can make sure we at least speak/chat with them once every day.

7. Listen to your guts when you are in any sketchy area.

This is the most important rule. If you are unsure about anywhere or anybody, listen to your guts and remove yourself from that location/situation. Not panicking and quick thinking in the moment of crisis will be your savior.

8. Recharge your phones/cameras the night before.

Little to say, we hate when our camera/phone run out of charge at some crucial moment. Be it during posing at some great location or during an emergency. Always carrying power banks is a good alternative.

9. Carry little cash with you. ATM’s may not have cash all the times.

Often in India, we can face this situation, where we don’t have cash and none of the nearby ATM’s are working. Keeping some extra cash hidden away will go a long way. Yes, swiping your card every time can also be painless. One more popular option is paying by Paytm but small shacks or roadside stalls may not accept your card or payment via Paytm.

10. Avoid carrying gold and expensive items with you.

This is the next important rule. It’s better to carry gold or expensive items as less as possible with yourself while you are traveling. Keeping back in the safes in hotels are also not a trustworthy option. Hence, keep your gold at home.

I hope these points help you while you travel with your girl’s gang to India or anywhere else for that matter. If you have any more tips for us, comment them below! Stay safe and enjoy your travels.

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How to plan an All-Girls trip
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