Liebster Award Nominee: Going Places with Anwesha

I am at a loss of words to express my surprise and happiness to be nominated for this award which I secretly wanted to be a part of since I started blogging. It gives me immense pleasure to know my fellow blogger Sinjana Ghosh from Backpack & Explore thought my blog was worth nominating for. This small gesture of hers just boosts my morale and help me to continue on this path.

About Backpack & Explore

We started interacting with each other in a small travel bloggers community. I was very impressed by her blog post on Durga Puja, 2018. Reading her post just transported me back to my hometown of Kolkata and make me home-sick. I deeply admire the ease with which she writes and the her attention to details is reflected in her writing.

What is Liebster Award?

The Liebster Award is an award that exists on the internet and is given to new bloggers by other bloggers to appreciate and encourage them. Liebster in German means Friend, an apt name for an award. This award is not only a medium to recognize young talented bloggers but also to forge friendship bonds. If you are interested to know about the rules, then here they are:

  1. Thank the blogger that nominated you. Link back to their blog.
  2. Display the Liebster Award 2018 logo on your website.
  3. List the Liebster Awards 2018 rules in your post.
  4. Pay it forward: A nominee must, in turn, nominate a further 5 – 10 new bloggers that they think have great content that you enjoy, admire or inspires you. Then leave a comment on their site or social media page that they have been nominated.
  5. Answer a set of questions given to you by the person who nominated you and provides a set of questions for the people of the blogs you have nominated. The most unique and creative questions win.
  6. Link the original Liebster Award 2018 post of the Global Aussie in your blog post, available here.
  7. Comment on the original Liebster Award 2018 blog post with the link to your own Liebster blog post.

Now, its Q&A session:

I have been asked some fun question by Sinjana. She certainly took her time thinking them.

1. When did you start your blog and what inspired you to do so?

I started my blog in 2018 after my trip to Mauritius. Your first international trip is always special to you. That trip inspired me to document my journeys and start a travel blog. I try to share my travel experiences to motivate others like me so that we don’t have any regrets later in life.

2. If your blog was a person, what would you tell him or her?

If my blog was a person, I would say, I am proud and happy to see you grow. And I want our journey together to go a long way.

3. What is your travel style – solo or with a group of people you know?

I mostly like to travel with my family and husband. Travelling in a group is much more fun than solo travelling.

4. Mountains or Beach? What do you love most and why?

I love beaches. No specific reason but I feel like they call to me. Sometimes, I feel like I could have been a mermaid in my previous life.

5. The best technology for travel – it could be something that exists or something you wish existed!

A magical portal. 😉 It will have the power to take me to wherever I want to go in a jiffy and bring me back before dinner time. I wonder why it’s still not developed yet?

6. See more with less, or indulge in a bit of luxury – what sounds like an ideal Holiday plan for you?

I believe in budget travelling but there is no harm in a bit of luxury once in a while. I won’t mind a Jacuzzi bath in one of my future stays. But I will also stress upon budget travelling because they let you see the whole place in a new light.

7. What is /are the most offbeat locations you visited and loved?

When I was a schoolgirl, my parents took me to Bomdila, a city in Arunachal Pradesh from Tezpur, Assam. Back then my father used to frequent Tawang for work. I remember playing with pebbles in the picturesque Dirang Valley and a walk through the apple orchards. I am now planning to take my husband to Tawang via Bomdila and Bhalukpong.

8. Describe your ideal travel partner?

My ideal travel partner would be someone who has the same passion for travel as me, who doesn’t leave any opportunity to wander around. And should have good photography skills as well. I think my husband and I are very compatible travel-wise. We are a no-fuss couple when we travel. In fact, he will encourage me more, to walk that extra mile, to try new things, to try and live in the moment.

Travel partner and husband: Sayan Roy Chowdhury
My travel partner – Sayan

9. What has travelling taught you?

Travelling has taught me to view the world from different angles. Meeting new people, visiting new people, try new things, etc can only be possible when you let yourself out.

10. If you could give one golden advice to aspiring bloggers what would it be?

I would say, don’t hold yourself back. If you want to take that solo trip or all-girls trip, go for it. Life is too short for regrets.

Liebster Award Nominee: Going Places with Anwesha

Nominations from Going Places with Anwesha

Anjali Wadhwa from Cheerful Trails

Paige McEachren from Piece of Pie

Princess Sheryll Dulaca from Princess Dulaca

Madhiya Qureshi from Lilac Prose

Gouri Suryawanshi from Gouri Says

Questions from Going Places with Anwesha

1. Name a place you want to be right now except home? Why?

2. What will you do if you are stranded in a desert for a month hypothetically of course?

3. What is the inspiration behind the name of your blog?

4. Which extreme sports do you dream of doing in future if not already?

5. What is the inspiration behind your writing?

6. If you cannot travel a day without one thing, what will it be? Why?

7. What’s the most difficult situation you’ve found yourself in while travelling?

8. Did you ever become emotional seeing a place?

9. Has one airport encounter or conversation ever changed your life?

10. Do you have any tried and tested tips or tricks for the new bloggers?

So, bloggers have fun with these questions and I would be waiting to read your answers. Somebody once told, it’s not what you write but the way you write. So, make the answers as creative as possible to win a prize. Remember, the last date to submit your entry is 25th Dec’18.

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