My dream honeymoon destination: Mauritius, a Heaven on Earth

I have always wanted to go out of India for my honeymoon and the sapphire-blue waters & powder-white beaches of Mauritius seemed perfect from all the things I have heard and read about it. Naturally, I was so excited about this trip as it marked many firsts for my husband and me as a couple.

For starters, my passport got stamped for the very first time. That’s a unique feeling and hard to describe. In the course of these seven days, we went through many emotions that led us close to each other and understand each other better.

Since it was our first International trip, we took a planned tour from Thomas Cook for 6 nights, 7 days. But after we planned our own itinerary in Sri Lanka trip, I feel we can now easily plan any of our trips.

‘Mauritius was made first and then heaven, heaven being copied after Mauritius’.

Mark Twain

I couldn’t agree more with Mark Twain, as the view of the entire Mauritius Island is breathtaking. It’s literally a paradise on Earth!

Top Tip: Take out your currency in Mauritian Rupee from the ATMs directly instead of converting it to Dollar and then to Mauritian Rupee. You will be charged a conversion fee only once then.

Our Mauritius Itinerary

Day 1 – Exploring Around

We reached Mauritius on an early flight from Bangalore and soon was greeted by a long queue of tired people waiting for their Visa stamping process to be done at the airport.

Soon after that, we were greeted by Thomas Cook’s representative and led to a van along with other honeymooners. Apparently, we were not the only ones.

It was a 3 hours journey from the airport to our hotel: Le Grand Bleu at Trou Aux Biches. We checked in and spent the rest of the evening roaming around, exploring the places near our hotel. There was a mesmerizing beach right in front of our hotel, where I have spent more time than my hotel room in the course of the next few days.

So many boats were anchored at the Trou Aux Biches
So many boats were anchored at the Trou Aux Biches

Day 2 – Water Sports Time!

We went to Ile Aux Cerf Island for our fair share of water sports. Who doesn’t love to parasail/sea walk under the sparkling sapphire waters of Mauritius? I had a blast with my husband during parasailing.

The only thing we regret after coming back was not taking pictures while we were up there. After all, photos are a great medium to keep such memorable days alive.

But we learned from our mistakes and got a photo CD done for our amazing underwater sea walk. This is a miniature of scuba diving and of very little duration but its still as much fun.

Underwater Sea Walk
Under-water sea walk at Ile Aux Cerf Island

Day 3 – South of Mauritius

Day 3 was reserved for the isle’s South tour and we were taken to Floreal, which is the “Beverly Hills” of Mauritius.

It was so cool to look at the amazing hand-made ships and precious diamond jewelry in the custom-free factory outlets. The art of ship modeling was brought to Mauritius by various sailors who visited this island long back.

A craftsman working on a ship model at Floreal, Mauritius
A craftsman working on a ship model

Our next stop was Trou Aux Cerfs crater, a dormant volcano at about 650 meters above sea level which you can admire from the hilltop. Here we enjoyed a beautiful panoramic view of the island.

108 ft tall statues of Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga
108 ft tall statues of Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga

We then headed to visit the Ganga Talao – Grand Bassin, which is a crater lake and a place of worship for Hindus in Mauritius. We saw 108 ft tall statues of Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga.

Ganga Talao
Ganga Talao

What caught our eyes at Ganga Talao are the many small temples of Lord Shiva and a huge parking lot for worshipers. During the Maha Shivaratri, most of the devotees leave their homes and start a journey to Ganga Talao on foot. That’s incredible to even think, considering the distance they have to cover barefoot.

Turtle Sanctuary
Turtle Sanctuary

We ended our Day 3 by visiting the La Valle des Couleurs Nature Park where we had a great time. ‘ La Valle des Couleurs‘ literally means the valley of colors. This scenic park well known for its beautiful landscape with 23 colored soils, will provide you with activities like zip-lining, jeep safari or dirt/quad biking which enhances the overall experience. We shared a jeep with another couple and explored around.

The Chamouze waterfall inside the La Valle des Couleurs Nature Park is simply breathtaking. It will remind you of a little paradise in itself. There are some other waterfalls as well inside nature park-like Vacoas Waterfall, Bois De Natte Waterfall and Cheveux d’Ange Waterfall.

If you have enough time or visit La Valle des Couleurs Nature Park first thing in the morning, then you can take up an eco-hike to the beautiful Chamarel waterfalls at the base of a gorge.

At a distance of 21 km approximately from the park, there is another very famous waterfall called Tamarind falls or 7 cascades, which takes up 3 hours of hike to reach along the Rivière Tamarin.

Day 4 – North of Mauritius

Our very first stop on our North tour of the isle was Fort Adelaide – Citadel at Port Louis. From a vantage point inside the Citadel, you can see old buildings standing in juxtaposition to the modern skyscrapers.

On our left, was the Champs de Mars racecourse, hard to miss for it is the only green patch in the busy city of Port Louis.

We stopped for a quick lunch break at Bagatelle, one of the biggest shopping malls in Mauritius. We stocked up on our drinking water and snacks for the rest of the stay before heading to Le Caudan Waterfront – shopping complex & craft markets.

Walking through the waterfront, we saw a special performance by the locals and tried to capture our beautiful afternoon under the umbrellas. You can spend a lot of time wandering around the stores, relaxing and soaking up the sun.

One of the hidden gems of Mauritius is the Blue Penny Museum which is dedicated to the art and history of Mauritius. If you are someone who enjoys learning about the history and culture of a place, then Blue Penny Museum should be on your list of places to visit in Mauritius.

Top Tip: You will get the souvenirs for very cheap here in comparison to other parts in Mauritius.

Colorful umbrellas faded with time adorning the ceiling of Caudan Waterfront
Colorful umbrellas faded with time adorning the ceiling of Caudan Waterfront

Day 5 – Leisure Time!

Day 5 was really exciting because we got the entire day to ourselves. The majority of my group decided to spend our leisure day at Casela Nature Park, one of the two animal parks on the island, the other one being La Vanille Nature Park. Our day at Casela Nature Park needs its own blog post, so here it is in detail.

Day 6 – Submarine & Us!

We have heard about the Blue Safari Submarines a lot before coming to Mauritius and luckily we were staying near it. To make our already exciting holiday more exciting, we decided to take an incredible two-hour under-water excursion on our 6th Day which was a leisure day for us.

After getting safety instructions, we were prepped and taken to a ship from the mainland, where we entered a six-seater submarine. The submarine ride was a once in a lifetime experience that I will cherish forever. We were greeted by beautiful fishes, corals, and a shrunken ship under-water. Read all about it here.

Our first-ever submarine ride at Blue Safari Submarines.
Our first-ever submarine ride!

After our lunch, we walked to the nearest shopping area in Trou Aux Biches and looked around for a fishing rod. My husband wanted to buy one to catch some small fishes near the bay.

He couldn’t wait to hop on a public bus to reach the hotel and go fishing. Soon we realized it was a bad idea, as sadly, all the fishes he caught died soon after bringing to the hotel room.

On the evening of Day 6, we had a gala time at the New Year’s party thrown for all the guests in the hotel. There was an amazing dinner buffet, fireworks, music, and a champagne fountain.

New Year's Eve celebrations at Le Grand Bleu
New Year’s Eve celebrations at our hotel

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Day 7 – Last day in Mauritius

We had some time before we had to go to the airport for our return flight. So we decided to join another couple whom we met on the tour and took a cab from our hotel to visit Grand Baie (Bay) beach.

We spent some hours on the beach, basking in the hot sun and while coming back, we hopped on a public bus to our hotel, right in time to start for the airport.

Since we were short on time, we missed a 2-hours long whale watching session. I told myself, we cannot cover everything in a short span of time and should leave for the next time we visit this beautiful island.

Top Tip: Traveling in the month of December could be expensive, so plan ahead. You might save some bucks and get good places to stay in!

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I hope our Mauritius itinerary will help you in planning your next trip to Mauritius. You can change things up and add more activities to it to fully enjoy your vacation.

During my trip, I found Mauritius is heavily portrayed as a honeymoon destination but its much more than that. If you have been to Mauritius, tell me how was your experience on the island, down in the comments.

If you enjoyed my post, found it useful or want to ask me a question, please comment below.

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My dream honeymoon destination: Mauritius, a Heaven on Earth
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