My first Submarine Ride in Mauritius – A one of its kind experience!

Riding in an underwater submarine is a lifetime experience. I have been on a rustic Submarine called INS Kursura (S20) in Hyderabad before which is preserved as a museum now but nothing beats the experience of a live Submarine dive in the Indian Ocean.

With Blue Safari Submarine, which is the only leisure submarine operation, not only in Mauritius but in all Indian Ocean, we had a unique and unforgettable under-water experience in Mauritius.

Fortunately, Blue Safari Submarine is right in front of our hotel at Trou Aux Biches, which saved us some cab money.

Blue Safari

Blue Safari’s most popular rides are of Sub-scooters and Submarines along with their under-water ‘tête à tête’ Lunch/Dinner service.

A selfie of happy us after the submarine ride
A selfie of happy us after the submarine ride

Sub-scooters are made for 2 people & quite a fun way to explore under-water. These scooters take you only three meters under the sea and are easy to use. You don’t have to be a swimmer or diver to experience this.

The Blue Safari has two submarines in its fleet: BS1100 & BS600. BS1100 is a ten-seater while BS600 is a five-seater. Each submarine can dive up to 35 meters under the sea and provides an incredible view of the warm Indian ocean, filled with colorful fishes, corals, and shipwreck sites.

Speed Boat Ride

We were taken on a speed boat to the main ship in the middle of the ocean from where the submarines were starting. Crystal clear blue waters merging with fluffy blue clouds in the horizon. Everything looked like a dream until we reached the ship.

We captured breathtaking views through our lenses and etched them into our hearts. Once we came back after the ride, we were given snacks, cold drinks and were asked if we wanted to print our photos taken while entering the Submarine.

Deck of the main ship
Snacks were arranged for us on the deck of the main ship.

Inside the Submarine

Even though we didn’t opt for the private lunch service, the submarine ride was enough to overwhelm us with happiness & excitement.

A submarine full of awed viewers!
A submarine full of awed viewers!
Submarine Ride in Mauritius
Can you spot an anchor underwater?

As we dived underwater, everything inside the submarine turned greenish due to refraction. If you look attentively outside, you will find a variety of fishes floating by the windows, coral beds and a shipwreck site with a huge rusty anchor.

Earlier, the scrap metal value in Mauritius was not lucrative, so people used to sink the scrapped ships underwater. But now they have stopped this practice.

Throughout the journey, our submarine captain gave us insights into the various creatures & things we saw down and kept us entertained with his little anecdotes.

At the end of the trip, we received a certificate signed by the pilot to acknowledge that we went 35 meters under the sea, which was so cool!

We found the old wreckage, the Star Hope.
We found the old wreckage, the Star Hope.

I am falling short of words to express my underwater experience. It was the highlight of my honeymoon in Mauritius.

The trip lasts for two hours in total and you will be given a thorough explanation of the day’s activities along with all the required safety precautions.

Note: You do not need to bring any special clothing or equipment with you – just the camera (optional)

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My first Submarine Ride in Mauritius - A one of its kind experience!
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