Tesalate Towel Review – Is it worth the money?

I am a beach lover and am always eager to run to the water to wet my feet wherever I am in the world. But there’s one thing that annoys me is dragging a heavy, wet towel home at the end of the day with a ton of sand on it.

However, an Australian brand Tesalate is trying to change that for every beach lover like me with their sand-free beach towels. Let’s see what’s the hype all about?

A Sand-Free Towel?

The idea of a sand-free towel intrigued me from the moment I heard about it. It means, the Tesalate beach towels don’t bring the sand with you from the beach. Since they are made of microfibers and dries in half the time of a regular beach towel, sand can be easily brushed off them. Not only they are gorgeous to look at, but they also become compact when rolled and fit easily into smaller bags.

Leave the beach at the beach.


Delivery from Tesalate Australia

Tesalate towels can be purchased online through their website, and are shipped worldwide. They have free international shipping too. I stay in India and the towel was shipped to me from Sydney, Australia via DHL Express. I received the package on the 7th day from the day the order was placed. That’s really quick.

Tesalate Australia stands behind its product and that’s why they are providing a lifetime guarantee for each towel. If for any reason you don’t love the towel, you can return it or exchange it for free even if you have used it. No question asked. They will pay for the return shipping as well. Now that is customer service at its finest!

Afternoon sorted with good books, refreshing ice tea and muffins!
Afternoon sorted with good books, refreshing ice tea and muffins!


The price for the towel for two (XL) is 99 USD and for the single ones is 59 USD, which is a little higher than the regular beach towels but let’s not overlook the features that the Tesalate towels pack in it- multipurpose, ultra-absorbent, sand-free, durable, lifetime guaranteed!

Sand-free and ultra-absorbent Tesalate Towels
Sand-free and ultra-absorbent Tesalate Towels | Image by Tesalate

First Impression of my Tesalate Towel

Tesalate beach towels come in many fun designs and patterns and it was hard for me to set my heart on anyone. But since I am an avid lover of colors and fun bohemian prints, I ended up choosing the Alchemist – XL towel to lounge with my husband at our rooftop. It’s big enough to easily fit two people. Due to the pandemic, we are currently not leaving the house and always try to find ways to keep ourselves entertained at home. So we thought, this beach towel can be well used for rooftop pics or tea parties.

Enjoying a good book with some ice tea
Enjoying a good book with some ice tea

Sometimes the colors don’t match up to what you see online, but I was pleasantly surprised by the accuracy of the color and pattern upon arrival. Each towel is double-sided with the reverse having the signature Tesalate black & white triangle pattern. So you get two designs at the price for one!

What I loved most about the Tesalate beach towel is that they are lightweight and easy to carry around as they come in a cute little black pouch bag, which takes very little space in my backpack.

To test the claims of Tesalate beach towel, I poured two jugs full of water on the towel and let it dry under the sun. The towel was completely dry within an hour. Initially, the towel had a mat kind of feel to it but after one wash, it felt much softer.

To test the sand repellant properties of the towel, I spread some sand on the roof of my house and lay the towel on top of it. When I picked up the towel and dusted it, it immediately became sand-free. It worked as they said!


As you have already guessed by now, I am really impressed by the Tesalate beach towel and can’t wait to take it with me on my next beach vacation. While the price of the beach towel is something you should keep in mind but a sand-free beach experience is worth it!

They are an investment worth making simply for their versatility, practicality, and unique features. Not only for outdoors, but Teslate towels can also be put to good use at home – for your yoga sessions or lay it on your sofa like a comfy blanket. In short, you guys will be inseparable after the first use, just like me!

Disclosure: Tesalate was kind enough to send me a complementary sand-free beach towel for this review, but the views I shared here are my own. I will always tell you beforehand so that you can make an informed decision about purchasing the product or not.

What are some of your happy beach memories? Share in the comments below!

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