Top 5 Activities You Shouldn’t Miss in Sri Lanka

My recent trip to Sri Lanka has left me charmed by its diverse and rich history and warmhearted people so much that I wish to go back there soon! I started my journey from the ancient ruins of Polonnaruwa in the North Central to mesmerizing beaches of Mirissa in the South to the streets of Colombo in the West.

There are plenty of things to do in Sri Lanka for everyone, whether you enjoy historical sites or just want to relax on the beaches! With each passing year, the country is growing in popularity as a tourist destination and has many things to offer apart from surf lessons or scuba diving centers. The following activities are my top choices to be included in your itinerary to get an adventure-packed holiday in Sri Lanka.

1. Fly in a Hot air balloon

Hot air balloon ride on top of Sigiriya rock fortress
Hot air balloon ride on top of Sigiriya rock fortress | Picture Credit: Bluelankatours

Riding in a hot air balloon is an experience like no other. Flying in the direction of the wind, no two flights are the same. Chasing the white clouds while having the bird’s view of the green lands of Sri Lanka underneath, drifting gently over the contours of this tropical paradise, making your Sri Lanka trip an unforgettable journey.

2. Take a Heli tour of Sri Lanka

Helicopter ride in Sri Lanka
Helicopter ride in Sri Lanka | Picture Credit: bluelankatours

Helicopter rides are a great way to explore a destination to the fullest, making it one of the most memorable experiences. If you are pressed on time, then helicopters are the fasted mode of transfer, providing you with stunning views of the scenic Sri Lanka. Sit back, relax and enjoy the breathtaking views while the trusted professionals fly you across the beautiful island of Sri Lanka.

3. Enjoy Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing in Kalpitiya
Kitesurfing in Kalpitiya | Picture Credit: kitesurfinglanka

Kitesurfing is one of the must-try sports in Sri Lanka. The Indian Ocean is ideal for freeriding and the Kalpitiya Lagoon is a perfect spot for beginners and freestyle. Many kitesurfing schools or organizers arrange for your accommodations along with your whole day activities.

4. Try out Waterfall Abseiling

Waterfall abseiling in Sri Lanka
Waterfall abseiling in Sri Lanka | Picture Credit: srilankaexpedition

Enjoying the view of a stunning waterfall is already amazing but abseiling takes this adventure to another level. The intense feeling of the water combined with the fact that you are hanging on to a rope with water beneath you, giving an adrenaline rush like you have never experienced before.

5. Go on a Deep sea fishing trip

Deep sea fishing in Sri Lanka
Deep-sea fishing in Sri Lanka | Picture Credit: chiasetravelssrilanka

Your experience in Deep sea fishing in Sri Lanka can be a relaxing day of catching fish in a calm river in the morning or dusk, or it can be the excitement of going out on a larger boat to the deep sea and helping catch the big fish. If you love fishing, then you should definitely try deep water fishing in Sri Lanka.

So, these are my top 5 choices of activities that I highly recommend everyone who is visiting Sri Lanka.

Are you planning to go to Sri Lanka in 2019? Don’t forget to check my itinerary to spend 7 days in Sri Lanka. If you have enjoyed reading this post, share it by clicking the image below. Don’t forget to comment below!

Top 5 activities you shouldn't miss in Sri Lanka
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  1. nisaac01 Reply

    I loved Srilanka – we went years ago and just hired a driver to take us around the whole island for a couple of weeks. It was magical!

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