Here’s How Wonderla Can Be a Pre-wedding Photoshoot spot in Bangalore

If you are looking for a chic or casual fun-day-out theme for your pre-wedding photoshoot, then I think I have found out a perfect place to shoot at. With a little imagination and effort, you can turn your dream photoshoot amazing.

On my recent trip to Wonderla Amusement park in Bangalore, I realized that there are many spots within the park, which can be ideal for a casual pre-wedding photoshoot.

All you need are some matching couples t-shirts and a photographer friend who can accompany you on this fun day out to click some amazing photos. Here are some nooks and corners which I think has the making for a killer spot.

1. The bridge over the Water Splash ride.

I find this spot perfect for a “Splash” photo. You can stand on the bridge with your partner and wait for the carriage to go up the hill and come down. Take the photo at the very moment when the carriage hits the water and you will get a beautiful splash in the background.

2. Pose with the “ILoveWLA” icon

This might be a new installation near the Recoil ride and I love posing in front of it. You can pose in front of it holding your partner’s hand and make your fun-day out memorable in a beautiful image. Don’t forget to smile!

3. A must-water pose

If you want the Wave-pool or Lazy river all to yourself (or at least want to make it look like that in photos), then reach the destination early and jump right in the waters. Here, you can either ask the Wonderla photographers to take your photo in water or ask your friend to take from outside the pool. In either case, you can get some cute and fun photos!

We got our photos taken in the afternoon when the majority of the crowd was in the Wave-pool with us. Still, we super liked our pictures and got it printed at the kiosk near the main gate. It reminds us of a great day spent well.

4. Capture your ride-face

To capture your expressions during a very scary or exciting ride is a great addition to your casual pre-wedding photos. Check out this couple who are wearing matching couple t-shirts and having a wonderful time at the Water-Splash ride. Similarly, you can ask the Wonderla photographers to capture your crazy moments in the wild rides.

5. Floral poses

Flowers add softness to a photo and can be used in a number of ways. You can find random flower bushes to duck in or find a beautiful shady tree to pose under. Luckily, Wonderla has many such flower bushes to take a beautiful snap during Golden Hour!

Some Other Ideas

You can pose in front of the carousel or the giant wheel or with cute props like cotton candy or ice-cream lollipop. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the poses or props at the same time don’t try any dangerous stunts either.

After all day’s hard work, you can check-in for the night in the luxury resort of Wonderla (in the same premise) and take a couple of pictures there too. Hey, I am not one to leave any opportunity to click a good photo!

If you like my Wonderla pre-wedding photoshoot ideas, comment below! Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family.

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Wonderla has the potential to be a casual pre-wedding photoshoot spot in Bangalore
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    Hey Dear, You are such a fabulous content writer. I enjoyed it so much. It is so helpful. I agree with your points that Wonderla Amusement park is a perfect place for pre-wedding photoshoot in Bangalore. Thanks for sharing this experience with us.

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